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Our last container loading was sucessfully done. The Container is now on the way to Manila Port and will arrive there in around 2 Months. Due to massive port congestions we expect delays at the sea way, however this cannot be estimated right now. We hope the situation will calm down again soon. We say thank you to all our clients for their trust and we are looking forward to your next order. 

We collect now your boxes for the current container of this month, please call or email for pick up schedule.


Please be aware of that very heavy boxes are rather divided in several smaller boxes as they are better to handle. Thats why we also offer our half boxes to half prices. You only advantages using the half boxes. 

For pick up with own driver we accept 70 kg per box. Please do not overload your box and dont deform the boxes as this might cause extra charge.

Our own driver will pick up boxes between Bodensee and Frankfurt, between Saarbrücken and Würzburg. Additianlly we have a pick up tour starting Berling going to Hamburg Bremen Bielefeld Düsseldorf Köln Koblenz Frankfurt and finally to our location near Heilbronn.

All other regions in Germany including the German islands we serve by using a parcel service which will bring your boxes to our warehouse here in Germany. We will then do the custom declaration and ship your box with the next container shipping to the Philippines.



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You can track your boxes here on our website. 

Please do not extend the box size, as you can see in the picture we use to place 5 boxes in one row and if the boxes are oversized we can only place 4 boxes. Please be informed that we have to charge the oversized boxes.

In this picture you can see how we load the boxes in the container. The oversized boxes are likely to be overweight also and can damage easily.

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Dear Clients, we accept pick up orders for our next container loading. Please call and order empty box if needed together with the documents for your cargo.


This is how to send an balikbayan box from Germany to the Philippines

  1. First order an empty box with  through our website.
  2. fill your balikbayan box with private gifts for your relatives or friends in the Philippines.
  3. Close the box with packing tape and write the recipient address on the box or on the sticker enlosed with our box. If written on a sticker place the sticker left or right side of your box.
  4. Make a pick up schedule with our office 06266 9699 000
  5. Place your box at your front door or garage so the driver can pick up the box without hassle. Or if you choosed DHL transport to our warehouse you can give the box to a DHL driver passing by or bring it to a DHL office.
  6. Our own driver will place a tracking number to your box and your agreement contract, you keep the red copy for your documents and as a receipt. The original paper you give to the driver, we process the customs declaration for you. You dont need to do anything, we care for all paperworks and export declarations as well as import declarations in the Philippines. Pay the shipping fee to the driver or by bank transfer after you receive the invoice.
  7. After 6-7 weeks your box reaches Manila Port and will be passing the custums. After approximately another week the delivery will start. After another 2 to 3 weeks all boxes are delivered also to remote areas. You can follow your box at our website with our tracking service.  

If you with a higher insurance you can increase the amount of lost insurance for each 10 Euro extra payment to additional 200 Euro insurance value. 

We will be happy to hear from you and receive your order.


Ihr Pinoy24 Team