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 You can put private presents for your family in the Philippines, there should not be more then 12 pieces of each item because the customs considers any item which is more then 12 pieces as a commercial good and will ask for tax. In general noone is counting the pieces of chocolate inside your box but you have to be aware of this regulation. 

You can actually put any items you can buy in a discounter supermarket, the goods which are not allowed are harmful goods, goods which are dangerous for human or environment like weappons, poison bullets dangerous chemicals, enflameable liquids and and kinds of explosives. Additionally you must not put any drugs or pornografic material inside the box. 

Feel free to send foods and gadgets as presents for your loves ones. The XXL box is insured for 200 Euro for the loss of each box that is included in our normal freight fee.

Please feel free to use our website chat in the right corner or call us if you have any questions. 06266 9699 000